Perfect new but even better 10 years later.
Unchanged by the flow of time, we hope to make furniture that has universal value.

The starting point to creating furniture is to think of just one person.
Make a wish, that the one person will use this creation.
It may be your family member or friend, or someone you just met for the first time.

How will they live with the furniture?
How will they use it, how will they express their feelings, how will they act toward it?
We use our full imagination to visualize the hopes and needs of the owner, and then we begin to work and give it shape.

The more we think of that one person, the more the creation will resonate with many people, It may sound contradictory, but we still believe it.

The piece is not vintage yet.
Its value begins to increase from the moment you use it.

About our products

BEFORE VINTAGE FURNITURE furniture is, all of them are numbered.

This is because even if the design is the same, the wood and grain may be different, or there may be fissures or cracks, or “unique” characteristics.

This is a once-in-a-lifetime piece of furniture, and you never know if the same design will or will not be made in the future.
If you come across a piece you like, it is time to pick it up.

About Furniture Making

Making furniture in Hokkaido, Japan.

In winter, it is not unusual for temperatures to drop to -20° C.
In summer, they can reach higher than 30° C.
It is a harsh natural environment, but northern peoples have been living there since before recorded history.
How could they survive and thrive in such a place?
One of the ways was to make the most of the natural materials available to them.
For example, they made shoes from salmon skin. They whittled down deer antlers to make fishing hooks.
They found what they needed in nature and added functionality to enrich people’s lives.
We respect the ingenuity of our ancestors.
We hope to craft in the same way, making the most of nature.

Our focus is on so-called “unmarketable” lumber.
Many types of wood are not sold on the market in their natural form, and they are unavoidably crushed into chips or burned as fuel.

This wood is of standard or even high quality, but the original value of the timber is lost, simply because a buyer could not be found in time.
We source these materials through our direct suppliers and breathe life into them as furniture.
This results in high-quality, reasonably priced furniture.

About the purchase

All Before Vintage Furniture pieces are numbered, such as “#3” or “#15”.
Even if they are the same model, no two pieces are identical due to the nature of the wood we use.
This is why each piece is numbered as proof of uniqueness.
Recorded with each number is a variety of information, including “year,” “type of furniture,” “design,” “size,” “species of tree,” “price at time of sale,” “purchaser,” and “repair history”.
If a purchased piece is no longer needed by an owner, we may buy it back, and in that case we may be able to offer a higher amount than the original purchase price, taking into account the rarity and the number of years since its manufacture.
It is not unlike how we think of vintage wine.
We hope that Before Vintage Furniture will be able to offer you the “pleasure of seeing a transformation into vintage” as well.

About pricing

BEFORE VINTAGE FURNITURE’s furniture is made with the belief that its value will increase every day as it ages and other added values are added. We believe that the value of our furniture increases every day as it ages and other values are added. Therefore, prices change and increase daily.