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Before Vintage Furniture is a Japanese furniture brand launched in 2023. BVF believes in quality that lasts, quality that will be vintage someday, because it retains and gains value over the years. Each piece created is meant to be more valuable in 10 years and priceless in 100 years. BVF’s craftsmen produce all works with that in mind.

Milano Salone 2024 will be the international debut for Before Vintage Furniture. BVF hopes that this furniture, shaped from cast-aside timber in faraway Hokkaido, Japan and brought all the way here, will show viewers a new kind of beauty.

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All Before Vintage Furniture pieces are numbered, such as “#3” or “#15”.

Even if they are the same model, no two pieces are identical due to the nature of the wood we use.

This is why each piece is numbered as proof of uniqueness.

Recorded with each number is a variety of information, including “year,” “type of furniture,” “design,” “size,” “species of tree,” “price at time of sale,” “purchaser,” and “repair history”.

If a purchased piece is no longer needed by an owner, we may buy it back, and in that case we may be able to offer a higher amount than the original purchase price, taking into account the rarity and the number of years since its manufacture.

It is not unlike how we think of vintage wine.

We hope that Before Vintage Furniture will be able to offer you the “pleasure of seeing a transformation into vintage” as well.


BVF offers worldwide shipping from the Okhotsk area of Japan. (Some shipping destinations are excluded.)

Delivery times may vary depending on the product and destination, and shipping costs are quoted on a case-by-case basis to ensure the best possible delivery conditions.

In-stock items will be shipped up to 7 days after confirming the order and payment.

Items to be produced will be shipped up to 2 to 3 months after confirming the order and payment.

If a product is out of stock, or more time is needed for any reason, BVF will contact the customer directly.

Please enjoy your time with BVF.